NuTone’s New Central Vacuum Motor Series is PurePower

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July 29, 2015 1:00:00 PM PDT July 29, 2015 1:00:00 PM PDTth, July 29, 2015 1:00:00 PM PDT

NuTone has released a major improvement to their collection of central vacuum systems with three new PurePower series motors. If you have been considering equipping your home with the convenience of a central vac, then one of these new motors should be on the top of your shopping list.

NuTone PurePower series central vacuums combine powerful suction and unmatched filtration, to remove dust and other allergens from your home. Central vacuums exhaust the dust outside of your home unlike a traditional vacuum that exhausts air back into your living area.

Choose the Motor that Best Fits Your Home:

Benefits to the Homeowner

  • More Cleaning Power: Central vacuums are more powerful than upright and canister systems. They pull the dirt and dust out of the house and exhaust it outside of your home.
  • Best Dust Filtration: By exhausting the dirt and dust outside of your home, central vacuums provide you the cleanest indoor air.
  • Quiet: With the central vacuum power unit mounted in the basement, garage or utility area, the noise is away from your living area.
  • Built-In Convenience: The lightweight hose is all you have to carry upstairs or from room to room. No heavy canister or upright vacuum to lug around.
  • Good Investment: Increase the resale value of your home without investing much more than the cost of a portable vacuum.

Benefits to the Builder

  • Make your homes stand out from the rest in today’s competitive market: Offer your home buyers a quieter, cleaner, healthier home with a central vacuum that removes pollutants from the house.
  • Increase the value of your homes: Dollars spent installing a central vacuum system are considered by appraisers to increase a home’s value.
  • Earn points towards Green Building Certifications: From organizations like Earth Advantage, Environments for Living‚ and the U.S. Green Building Council with its LEED Rating System.

Benefits to the Installer

  • One unit gives bagged and bagless options: Reduce inventory costs and stock just 1 SKU for bagged and bagless customer requirements. One bag fits all power units.
  • Easy to install: Multi-direction vacuum connection for easy installation even in small spaces. Each model includes a wall-mount bracket for safe and simple installation.
  • Value: Offer exceptional value to your builders and homeowners.

Home Controls also carries a complete collection of NuTone central vacuum installation components, plus a collection of tools, hoses and wands – including the new NuTone Premium Twist & Turn Floor Brush.