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WGL Rain8upb Pro UPB Sprinkler Controller

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



Advanced UPB Sprinkler Control

The Rain8UPB Pro is an eight-zone UPB irrigation controller designed to become the powerhouse foundation of your irrigation control system. The controller allows you to make changes to your sprinkler system directly through a UPB system, giving you easy access whenever you need it. Unexpected rain? Don't waste water. Turn your sprinklers off with UPB.

The Rain8UPB Pro is a modular 8-zone sprinkler controller module that can be an integral component of any UPB installation. It is capable of driving standard 24VAC irrigation valves directly. This main controller is the first 8-zone module in a UPB installation and the only one that connects directly to a PIM and a 24VAC transformer. Additional modules may be daisy chained for large installations.

  • Turn on or off each zone individually
  • Turn off all zones on all modules
  • Get the current status of any zone
  • Optional default run timer for each zone to prevent over watering

Professional Features

As an advanced edition of the original Rain8UPB controller, this controller offers professional capabilities to enhance functionality and expand customization of irrigation control installations. The Pro edition is fully compatible with all Generation 2 (G2) or earlier UPB systems and offers the following additions:

  • Supports both LINK and DIRECT control modes.
  • ON/OFF control of each valve at the Rain8 module itself, no need to run back to a PC to turn a zone on/off.
  • Each zone has an LED to indicate if it is running or idle.
  • All valve wires and connections are protected against lightning surges.
  • All RS232 and network connections are protected against ESD and lightning.
  • Each of the eight outputs to the valves is protected against overloading by a self-resetting electronic fuse.

There is a single RS232 connection between the UPB PIM and the Master Rain8. The 24VAC power and network communications are transferred from master to slave-to-slave etc. The network connection for the slave units is an 8 conductor RJ45. Each slave has a pair of these modular jacks to pass on data and power to the next one in a daisy chain. Each slave also has a RS232 connection that is used only to assign the address and setup default run timers during the initial configuration.


  • Rain8UPB Pro Main Controller
  • 24VAC 20VA transformer
  • Modular data cable with RJ11 plugs
  • Adapter for PIM
  • Adapter for PC configuration
  • DB9 gender changer

Note: Requires a UPB power line interface (PIM) for operation. Sold separately.

Rain8 Puts Sprinkler Control Back In Your Hands

Many people have given up on making changes to their sprinkler system. They leave it in the hands of the gardener. Some units on the market today are equipped with LCD displays, but they lack the ability to display the vital feedback and information that Rain8 provides. Advantages of using a Rain8 include: Program your schedule and zone run times with your PC or remotely over the Internet. Program complex schedules in a snap. Create a wireless system with the easy to use and inexpensive Palm Pad. Easily configure qualifying events. With Rain8, you're in control.