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WGL Rain8upb G2 UPB Sprinkler Expansion Module

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



UPB Sprinkler Zone Expander

Order this item for expanding a Rain8UPBG2 installation by 8 zone increments. Includes a 10004 network cable. Everything you need for adding 8 more zones.

Caution, do not order this module for expanding an older version Rain8UPB (ie: not a G2).

The master module (shown to the right) is the first 8-zone module in a UPB installation and the only one that connects directly to a PIM and a 24VAC transformer. Additional modules may be daisy chained for those large installations.

  • Turn on or off each zone individually
  • Turn off all zones on all modules
  • Get the current status of any zone
  • Optional default run timer for each zone to prevent over watering

There is a single RS232 connection between the UPB PIM and the Master Rain8.

The 24VAC power and network communications are transferred from master to slave-to-slave etc.

The network connection for the slave units is an 8 conductor RJ45. Each slave has a pair of these modular jacks to pass on data and power to the next one in a daisy chain. Each slave also has a RS232 connection that is used only to assign the address and setup default run timers during the initial configuration.

WGL Associate's Rain8UPB

The Rain8UPB is a modular 8-zone sprinkler controller module that can be an integral component of any UPB installation. It is capable of driving standard 24VAC irrigation valves directly.