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The Garage Keypad You Can Control with Your Phone

Controlling your garage door is easier than ever with the TrackPIN Access Control Garage Keypad. Designed to help eliminate missed deliveries to your home, this Wi-Fi connected keypad lets you give temporary garage access to anyone, such as the FedEx driver with your package or the dry cleaners with your clothes.

You can also use the smart-phone controlled keypad to let friends and family members enter your garage with an authorized code. No monthly fees are required. With TrackPIN, your garage becomes the ultimate solution for receiving visitors and packages whether you're home or away!

  • Give different access PINs to family members, friends, and delivery persons
  • Never miss a package again with in-garage delivery by UPS, FedEx, and USPS
  • Schedule authorized times for individual PINs to limit access as needed
  • Maintain privacy by programming the door to open all the way or just a few feet
  • Change settings and PINs through the free mobile app or your online account
  • Receive email/text alerts when the keypad is used and review history logs

Available Colors: Grey or Desert Sand

In-Garage Delivery by National Shipping Companies

Take advantage of TrackPIN's partnerships with USPS, UPS, and/or FedEx to tell your delivery person you want your package left inside your garage! All three carriers allow you to connect your TrackPIN account to your online shipping account and choose to automatically give the delivery person a unique, temporary "MyDelivery PIN" just for the package being delivered. There is no limit on how many "My Delivery PINs" you can assign.

To ask for in-garage delivery from other shipping companies, such as DHL, you can post the included porch sign next to your front door. The sign directs delivery persons to use your TrackPIN keypad, which provides instructions on how to do so.

To help you maintain privacy, TrackPIN can optionally be programmed to open your garage door by only a few feet when a certain PIN is entered. This lets the delivery person slip your package under the door without letting them see everything inside your garage.

Easy Access for Friends & Family Members

The TrackPIN keypad isn't only useful to delivery people. You, your family members, and your friends can all use it as a traditional access control keypad to open and close the garage door. When you purchase the TrackPIN, you'll get five free "My PINs" that you can give to different people to offer permanent, customized access to your garage. (Additional "My PINs" can be purchased separately at $2.99 per PIN.) Each "My PIN" can be customized to limit access to certain timeframes, which can be changed anytime through your TrackPIN account.

Installation Details

The battery-powered keypad is intended for DIY installation in about 30 minutes, and includes all of the parts you need, except a screwdriver and a stepladder. The keypad mounts outside near your garage door and communicates over Wi-Fi with the rest of the system. All residential garages are supported that have a functioning safety beam kit. Very old systems may not have safety beams.

The entire system consists of the keypad, a door switch that controls your garage door opener, a hub that connects to your Internet router, and a door sensor that tells the system whether the garage door is open or closed. These components install as follows:

  • System Hub: Plugs into your existing Internet/Wi-Fi router to provide wireless communication with the keypad.
  • Door Switch: Installs near your garage door opener. Included wires connect the switch to the connections on the back of your opener.
  • Keypad: Installs near the door, and locks similarly to traditional garage keypads.
  • Door Sensor: Mounts above your garage door to determine the open/closed status.

An installation video is provided under the Specifications tab to guide you through the process.


  • TrackPIN Garage Keypad
  • System Hub
  • Hub Power Cord
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Battery, 9V
  • Door Switch Connecting Wires
  • Door Switch Power Cable
  • (2) Door Position Sensors (one free, one wired)
  • Door Position Sensor Signal Sires
  • (2) Wall Anchors
  • (4) Screws
  • (2) Adhesive Pads
  • (2) Zip Ties
  • (10) Adhesive Cable Hangers
  • Porch Sign
  • (5) Free My PINs
  • Unlimited MyDelivery PINs


  1. Requires a garage door operator, an Internet router with an open Ethernet port, and active Internet service.
  2. Includes five "My PINs" to provide five codes that offer permanent authorized access. Additional "My PINs" can be purchased through the mobile app at $2.99 per PIN.

TrackPIN Access Control – Anywhere, Anytime

Manufactured by parent company Hidden Butler, Inc., TrackPIN boasts an innovative access control solution that goes beyond the traditional coded entry standard. TrackPIN keypads use Hidden Butler's proprietary Universal Beacon Hub to offer "extreme-range" wireless communications, extending your access control range over 10x further than basic Wi-Fi. When you control access with TrackPIN, access control is easier than ever.

Product Features

  • Access the web app from multiple devices
  • Schedule access timeframes
  • Receive activity notifications
  • Review 30-day history of all garage activity
  • Assign unlimited MyDelivery PINs to receive packages
  • Use lock-outs in emergency situations

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Part #:
    • Gray: Trackpin-Grey
    • Desert Sand: Trackpin-DesertSand
  • Keypad Power Source: 9-volt battery (supplied)
  • Certifications: FCC, IC
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Mobile App Compatibility:

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (iOS 7.0 or later)
  • Android (4.1 and up)

Product Features

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