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Somfy SDN 0-10V Interface

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Control SDN Devices with 0-10V Analog Inputs

Integrate Somfy RTS devices and other 0-10V analog inputs into a Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) system using the Somfy SDN 0-10V Interface. This interface control module accepts an industry standard 0-10V input and converts it to an SDN signal.

It allows you to operate SDN RS-485 tubular motors through a control system using 0-10V analog outputs, such as lighting control systems, HVAC, audio/video, and security systems. The interface supports 0-10V analog data hubs and keypads, as well as Somfy RTS Receivers with a specified Bus Power output.

  • Converts RTS/analog inputs to SDN outputs to control SDN shade motors
  • Perfect for integrating shade controls with lighting, HVAC, A/V, security, etc.
  • Supports 0-10V analog data hubs, keypads, and Somfy RTS Receivers
  • Compatible with all line-voltage or low-voltage RS-485 motors
  • Supports up to 20 RS-485 Motors and up to 45 Bus Power Units
  • Can reverse shade operation based on input percentage
  • Follows common SDN wiring best practices
  • Controls all connected motors together as a group
  • Plug-n-play; no programming required

How It Works

The SDN signal generated by the Somfy SDN 0-10V Interface drives a Somfy RS-485 motor to a percentage of opening or closing based upon the 0-10V input level and the setting of the reverse push button. (0 Volts defaults to open shade; reverse operation would be fully closed). No programming is needed. Furthermore, you can reverse the motor's operation by pressing and holding the local Reverse button on the Interface.

When multiple motors are connected, all motors move as a group. The Interface supports up to 20 RS-485 Motors and up to 45 Bus Power Units.

Installation Details

The SDN 0-10V Interface uses up to 100 feet of 18 AWG cable to connect to the 0-10V input port on your 0-10V controller. The Interface connects to the motor using a motor data cable. For single-motor operation, the motor data cable connects directly to the SDN Bus Out port. For multi-motor operation, the motor data cable connects to your hub (such as the Somfy Data Hub) using a Cat5 UTP/Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector.

Once the devices are connected, the Interface plugs into a standard power outlet using the included power supply.

Sample Wiring Configuration

The diagram shown below is meant for illustrative purposes to show the connections from product to product. This device could be used in other configurations than shown.


  • SDN 0-10V Interface
  • Power Supply, 24VDC/500mA
  • Instructions


  • Connected motors all move as a group.
  • Max. wiring distance to 0-10V input is 100 feet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Somfy products are not available to ship outside the U.S. Please contact Somfy directly for international orders.

Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN): Intelligent Wired Shading

Install robust, cost-efficient, and powerful shade controls with Somfy Digital Network (SDN) devices. Designed specifically to provide intelligent motors and controls for large scale shading projects, the SDN system offers a professional-grade solution to creating an interconnected home of intelligent devices.

SDN technology is based on standard network architecture that transmits digital signals over a twisted pair bus line. It uses the RS-485 standard with Category 5 UTP cable, Ethernet patch cables, RJ45 connectors and splitters for communication between devices.

SDN System Benefits

  • Differential signaling, low data speed communication and high impedance devices
  • Single bus segment can be up to 4,000 feet with 255 devices
  • Free wiring topology with no termination resistors
  • Noise and interference is minimized by using capacitance controlled, unshielded twisted pair cable
  • System scalability is virtually unlimited
  • No need for special wire or connectors
  • Bus-connected control devices are powered directly from the bus line using a 24VDC class 2 power supply

RTS: Wireless Technology Dedicated To Your Comfort

Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) offers a high performance, convenient and reliable solution for awning and screen automation, eliminating the need for wiring between the motor and controls. With the radio receiver integrated within the motor, RTS is the ideal choice because installation is quick and easy. Whether you want to control your awning or screen at the touch of a button or use automatic controls, Somfy has the solution. It's so easy, It's Somfy!


  • Manufacturer Part #: 1860333
  • Power Supply: 24V DC, 500 mA (included); Cord Length: 5.5 feet
  • Bus Power Output: 45 SDN Bus Power units
  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 3.8(L) x 2.0(W) x 0.8(H) inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pound
  • Environmental Conditions: Indoor use only
  • Operating Temperature Range: Ambient temperature
  • Country of Origin: Made in USA
  • Approvals: Conforms to all SDN wiring best practices
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Motor Compatibility

Line-voltage (AC):

  • Sonesse® ULTRA 50 RS485 (AC)
  • LT50 RS485 (AC)

Low-voltage (DC):

  • Sonesse® ULTRA 50 RS485 (DC)
  • Sonesse® 30 RS485 (DC)

SDN System Capabilities

  • 0-10V analog input to SDN
  • Up to 20 motors per SDN 0-10V Interface
  • Motors move as a group
  • Supports up to 45 Bus Power Units
  • Supports Data Hubs, Keypads, and RTS Receivers with specified Bus Power output