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Sensaphone IMS-4830 Water Sensor with 10' Water Rope (Open Box)


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This product is brand new; however, we did ship it to a previous customer who promptly returned it. The product is still in great condition, but the original box may be damaged or missing. We offer FREE tech support and are selling this as is, with no returns.

Surround Equipment With A Water-Detecting Rope

The Sensaphone IMS-4830 Water Sensor with 10' Water Rope connects to your Sensaphone IMS system to help you stop water leaks before any property is damaged. It's perfect for monitoring HVAC systems, plumbing and other water-based systems or appliances.

  • Entire length of rope detects water and triggers alerts
  • Creates a perimeter to protect sensitive equipment
  • Compatible with Sensaphone IMS systems

The included 10-foot Water Rope can be run along a flat surface, surrounding equipment in a circle or creating a straight perimeter. If liquid touches any part of the rope, the connected module will transmit an alert to your Sensaphone system, giving you time to stop the leak before it gets out of control.

Add-on 10-foot Water Ropes are also sold separately for extended length, if needed. Each Water Rope simply plugs into the next. The ropes are powered by the IMS unit, so no external power supply is required.


  • Water Detection Sensor
  • 10-foot Water Rope
  • Adhesive cable clamps
  • Plastic drywall anchors
  • #6 Metal tapping screws
  • Rubber feet

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  • Manufacturer Part #: IMS-4830
  • UPC: N/A
  • Size: 10 Ft.
  • Sensing Method: Conductivity
  • Sensor: 10-foot polymer core cable with 2 sensing wires
  • IMS Connection: RJ-45
  • Housing: Black plastic with mounting ears
  • Compatibility: Sensaphone IMS-4000, IMS-4000 Node, IMS-1000
  • Warranty: 3-Year