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Sensaphone FGD-0107 Temperature Sensor with Glass Bead Vial, 2.8K


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Highly Recommended For Every Cold Storage Application

The Sensaphone Temperature Sensor with Glass Bead Vial (FGD-0107) is ideal for cold storage temperature monitoring. The vial buffers any momentary fluctuations that may cause a preliminary alarm dial-out, such as defrost cycles, opening of doors, and fans circulating air. The glass beads slow the response time of the sensor, allowing normal daily operations to occur without having an alarm initiated. This is a highly recommended sensor for any cold storage application.


  • Temperature sensor with glass bead vial
  • 12 Ft. wire
  • Installation instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Sensaphone product is not available to ship outside the U.S.

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Temperature Range:

  • Sensaphone 400, 800: -20° to 150° F (-30° to 65° C)
  • Sensaphone 1400, 1800, 2800, WEB600: -109° to 115° F (-85° to 57° C)
  • Sensaphone 2000: -125° to 124° F (-87° to 51° C)
  • Sensaphone Express II: -85° to 200° F (-65° to 93° C)