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Seco-Larm Enforcer Keyless Entry and Alarm System


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Multi-Featured, Complete Alarm System For Vehicles Or Small Outbuildings

Set up a security system for whatever you need with the Seco-Larm Enforcer Keyless Entry and Alarm System. This versatile security system can be used as an alarm for any vehicle security application, a keyless entry system, or as a multi-featured complete alarm system. It can be also used for securing greenhouses, sheds, barns, or other smaller outbuildings, providing an advanced level of protection that's better than using a simple padlock. The security system includes enough devices and features to suit virtually any security needs and can be expanded for larger or more complicated installations by adding other Seco-Larm transmitters and accessories. This system includes a miniature alarm brain, (2) 4-Button 2-Channel Icon Remotes, a 124 dB Multi-Tone Siren, Dual-Stage Shock Sensor, 7-Function LED, Multi-Function Push Button, Door Lock Outputs, Starter Disable, Dome Light Supervision, and 12 Programming Functions.

  • Complete, security alarm system for vehicles or smaller sized outbuildings
  • Two 4-button, 2-channel icon remotes with up to 200 ft range and 68 billion possible codes
  • Small 124 dB multi-tone siren
  • 7-function LED for arming status, valet mode, triggered zone ID/recall, and RF transmitter reception
  • 12 programming functions


Miniature Alarm Brain: Phase II Protection and all-modular connections eliminate hardwiring. Patented Fail-Safe arming verifies the alarm will arm and patented Q.Q.T. (Quick and Quiet Test) ensures the alarm is working properly.

Two 4-Button, 2-Channel "Icon" Remotes: Easy to read icons make understanding the alarm simple. Features separate arm, disarm, and panic buttons and up to 200 feet range with 68 billion possible codes. Aux. button (*) controls chirp delete, sensor bypass, and channel 2. Code learning makes it easy to add new remotes (learn up to 4 remotes) and RF CodeWash automatically deletes lost or stolen remotes every time a new remote is programmed.

124 dB Multi-Tone Siren: Small, 6-tone, 124dB, no "toy" sounds.

Dual-Stage Shock Sensor (Patented): Separate pre-intrusion and trigger adjustments.

7-Function LED: LED indicates arming status, armed, disarmed, valet mode, triggered zone ID, triggered zone recall, and RF transmitter reception.

Multi-Function Push Button: Valet mode activates/deactivates and for emergency disarming, code learning, and programing.

Door Lock Outputs(+/-reversing): Double pulse unlock and driver priority door unlock output. Ignition controlled door locking and unlocking (separate).

Starter Disable (-output): Programmable normally open/normally closed circuit. Automatic Starter Disable (ASD) feature disables the starter after 10 minutes for extra protection in active arming mode.

Dome Light Supervision (-output): Turns on vehicle's interior light for 30 seconds and flashes interior lights when triggered.

12 Programing Functions: Passive/active arming, chirp/no chirp, SecureLock on/off, ignition-controlled door locks on/off, steady or pulsed (horn) output on siren wire, door error chirps on/off, ASD on/off, 0.7/3.5 seconds door lock timing, double pulse unlock on/off, passenger unlock/pulsed horn output, N.O. or N.C. starter disable output.


  • Miniature Alarm Brain
  • (2) 4-Button 2-Channel Icon Remotes
  • 124 dB Multi-Tone Siren
  • Dual-Stage Shock Sensor
  • 7-Function LED
  • Multi-Function Push Button
  • Door Lock Outputs
  • Starter Disable
  • Manual


  • Installation should be done by a professional. Not recommended as a DIY installation.
  • Do not mount the alarm brain until all connections have been made and thoroughly tested.
  • Do not mount the alarm brain where it is exposed to extreme heat or moisture.

Seco-Larm Security Products

So many places and things to protect; so many ways to protect them; one partner: Seco-Larm. Under the Enforcer trademark, Home Controls offers an impressive line of Seco-Larm security products, ranging from simple switches to some of the most sophisticated alarm devices. Whether for physical security, CCTV, access control, RF equipment, or vehicle security, Seco-Larm is the premier choice. Seco-Larm gives its customers such an extensive range of dependable, cost-effective security products with a full program of service and support.


  • Manufacturer Part #: SLI 820RTF
  • UPC: 676544011483

Alarm Outputs

  • Siren: +12VDC, 2A
  • Parking Lights: Relay rated at 10A max
  • Starter Disable: 500mA transistor ground
  • LED Output: 15mA
  • Door Lock: 3 wires (2 flip-flop positive/negative), max 200mA output
  • Door Unlock: 200mA transistor ground, with ignition, unlock and double-pulse unlock
  • Channel 2: 200mA transistor ground
  • Dome Light: 200mA transistor ground
  • Horn: 200mA transistor ground

Alarm Inputs

  • N.O. negative for door
  • N.O. positive for door
  • N.O. negative for hood/trunk
  • N.O. negative for aux. sensor trigger
  • N.O. negative for aux. sensor pre-alert
  • Ignition switch sensing
  • Current sensing


  • Modulation: AM
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Frequency: 315MHz
  • Digital Coding: Over 68 billion possible codes for SLI 820RTF
  • Power (xmttr): +12VDC battery


  • Power: +12VDC
  • Current Drain:
    • Under 10mA (disarmed)
    • Under 30mA (armed, LED flashing)
  • Exit Delay: 30 seconds (passive arming)
  • Entry Delay: None
  • Alarm Duration: 30-second cycle, max. 3 cycles