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PCS Title 24 4-Channel Timer

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Add Energy-Efficiency Controls to 4 Entire Circuits

As an all-in-one solution for meeting California Title 24 requirements for energy efficiency, the PCS Title 24 4-Channel Timer allows you to add configurable control to four individual circuits, such as an entire bathroom or kitchen lighting circuit. While the most basic function is to provide scheduled On/Off control based on sunrise/sunset with a day-of-week or calendar day option, each of the timer's four channels supports use as either an output or input, and even configuration as an occupancy sensor, switch, or demand response input. Additionally, when used with the optional Title 24 Timer Receiving Module (model T24-RM, sold separately) the timer can provide multi-level control (dimming) to meet requirements for dimmable LED fixtures.

  • Provides configurable control for up to 4 circuits
  • Four channels are used for either outputs or inputs
  • Meets all CA Title 24 requirements for reducing energy use
  • Four LEDs indicate each circuit's On/Off status

Meets ALL requirements of:

  • Title 24 Type C: Multi-Level Astronomical Time Switch Control
  • Title 24 Type D: Outdoor Astronomical Time-Switch Controls

To fully meet these requirements, the timer supports an array of configurations for each individual channel. Features include:

  • Schedules up to 250 timed events per channel
  • On/Off circuit control, or multi-level control using T24 0-10V Receiving Modules
  • Manual control with 2-hour override via front panel buttons
  • Occupancy sensor, on/off switch, and demand response inputs supported
  • Control by schedule when inputs like occupancy sensors are enabled or disabled
  • Astronomical time-switch control
  • Offset On and Off for each channel at least 99 min ± sunrise or sunset
  • Sunrise/sunset accuracy to 15 minutes via configured location and current date
  • Timekeeping accuracy 2.62 min/year
  • Auto daylight savings time adjust
  • 7-day Weekly Mode or Calendar Mode with holidays
  • 20-year calendar for choosing the schedule in use each day

Each channel can be configured to control one circuit using a simple On/Off relay, or with the addition of an optional Receiving Module (sold separately), to control a circuit to one of five possible levels.

If the timer is configured for On/Off control, then the action of the corresponding button on the timer lets you manually toggle an output channel on and off. If the timer is configured for level control (requires Receiving Module), then each press of the button changes the level to the next step. That is, from OFF to 10 percent, 40 percent, 70 percent, 100 percent, and 100 percent to OFF.

Locally & Remotely Programmable via Free Software

NOTE: Optional Receiving Module and optional Network Adapter are sold separately.

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Product Features

  • Events and calendar stored in nonvolatile memory
  • Control fixtures to High/Med/Low Receiving Modules
  • No RF or PLC transmissions
  • No control wires to fixtures – sends T24 commands on circuit
  • Manual control with front buttons
  • Robust security protocol when network access enabled

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Part #: T24-T4
  • Input: 120VAC – 277VAC, 60HZ, 6VA max.
  • Channel Ratings:
    • General: 20A, 240VAC
    • Motor: 1HP, 120VAC / 2HP, 240VAC
    • Tungsten: 5A, 120VAC
    • Ballast: 20A, 277VAC
    • Resistive: 20A, 28VAC
  • Weight: 2.75 pounds (44 oz)
  • Dimensions: 5.3(D) x 7.0(W) x 10.6(H) inches
  • Approvals: ETL
  • Warranty: 5-Year Limited


  • Press OK Key to start
  • Press pq to display different menus
  • Press OK to select menu
  • Press OK to move through items or pq to change item
  • Press Exit to save and return to higher menu

Wiring Diagram