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Microsmith Hot Link Pro X12 IR Remote Extender, 12 Emitters

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Hide Your A/V Gear, Stay In Control

You can hide audio/video equipment behind cabinets or walls without sacrificing control by doubling your remote’s distance with this complete kit. As an advanced edition of the original Hot Link Pro, the Hot Link Pro X12 IR Remote Extender comes with 12 IR emitters (rather than six) to provide reliable out-of-sight remote control for 12 audio/video components. It’s great for controlling all types of hidden A/V equipment, including Plasma and LCD TVs, cable receivers, DVRs, DVD players and more!

  • Control hidden A/V gear in cabinets and closets
  • Totally hidden IR Eye does not need direct line of sight
  • Doubles remote control range for up to 12 A/V components
  • Blue LED confirms communication and performance
  • Works with virtually all A/V gear, including difficult brands like AT&T U-verse

Double the distance of your A/V remotes with Hot Link’s super sensitive IR Eye, which is fives times more sensitive than standard IR targets. The Eye is so sensitive that it can be hidden on the back of flat panel displays and does not require direct line of sight. There are no holes to drill, and one Eye works for all applications. Hot Link Pro repeats all frequencies all the time, and works with virtually all A/V gear, including AT&T U-verse and Cisco Set Top Boxes.

How It Works

The Hot Link Pro X12 system extends the range of your remote controls’ IR signals by enhancing IR sensitivity for the receiving devices. The small, slim IR receiver eye mounts near your A/V components inside the cabinet, along with the included repeater box and IR emitters. With four times the sensitivity of standard IR receivers, this long brass tube senses even the weakest IR remote control signals, and then routes them to the repeater. The repeater transmits the signal through the appropriate connected IR emitter, which then transmits a new IR signal to the A/V device.

The IR receiver eye is designed for flexible mounting out of sight. Because the eye is so sensitive, it only needs to be in the same room as the remote control. Its 3-foot cord also allows mounting away from the repeater box. Place it wherever is most convenient – on the back of flat panel displays, behind door slots, speaker grills, cabinets or wallplates, or under toe kicks or subwoofers.


  • Hot Link Pro X12 Infrared Repeater Box
  • 12 IR Emitters
  • IR Receiver Eye
  • Power Adapter
  • Mounting Accessories

Hot Link: Hide Your Gear, Stay In Control

Hot Link products by Microsmith, Inc. have revolutionized the way homeowners control audio/video equipment. By "seeing" weak IR commands through cabinets and walls, the Hot Link remote control booster system eliminates the need for direct line of sight between components and their IR control devices. Hide A/V gear without sacrificing convenience!

  • Maximum Operating Distance: 70 feet
  • Number of Emitter Ports: 12
  • IR Frequency: 18 to 120KHz
  • Power Supply: 12VDC, 120VAC (adapter included)
  • Dimensions:
    • Repeater Box: 3-1/4(L) x 2(W) x 15/16(H) inches
    • IR Receiver Eye: 7/32(Dia.) x 1-1/4(L) inches, with 3-foot coax cable
  • Emitter Cables: 7 feet

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