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MedFolio Wireless Pillbox

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Built-In Wi-Fi for Remote Monitoring

With built-in WiFi, the MedFolio Wireless Pillbox offers caregivers and family members a convenient way to monitor a loved one’s medication adherence. Like the original MedFolio Pillbox, this wireless model helps patients organize medications, and it provides audio and visual alerts as reminders for every dose. Additionally, if the user does not take medication at the specified dosage time, the caregiver will get an e-mail or text message alert from the WiFi pill dispenser.

  • Deep pill compartments hold up to 20-25 aspirin-sized tablets
  • Four optional alerts: beep, flashing LED, email, text message
  • Caregiver can receive email/text alerts if a dose is missed
  • Real-time records are remotely accessible via MedFolio’s cloud server
  • Pill identification system displays info for up to 16 different medications

Portable Medication Compartments

The MedFolio Wireless Pillbox serves as an electronic medication management device. The WiFi pill dispenser stores a full week (7 days) of solid medication, divided into four daily dosing intervals: morning, noon, evening, and bedtime. Because the wireless smart pillbox is designed with extra deep pill storage compartments, you can store up to 20-25 aspirin-sized tablets for each day. Daily compartments are removable, allowing you to carry your daily medication supply in a purse or pocket.

The WiFi pill dispenser's built-in pill identification system provides a portfolio of every medication stored in the box, giving the patient/caregiver adequate knowledge to engage in medication discussions with their healthcare providers.

Four Different Medication Reminders

Alerts are programmed using MedFolio’s software program, downloadable to any personal computer. This intuitive, visual program allows the user to set up specific medication regimens and dosing times, which are uploaded to the WiFi pill dispenser via USB connection (cable included). In addition to setting up audio (beeps) and visual (LED light) alerts, you can also opt to receive medication reminders via email or text messaging. Visual and audio alerts can be turned off early if the user wishes to take medications early due to altered sleep patterns, activities, or business meetings.

Remote Monitoring Over the Internet

When the MedFolio Wireless Pillbox is connected to the Internet through either a secure WiFi network or a personal mobile hotspot, loved ones and caregivers can remotely monitor the pillbox user’s real-time medication adherence. Once signed into MedFolio’s secure cloud server, the caregiver can view records to determine whether medications were taken on time, taken late, or missed altogether.

The WiFi pill dispenser comes with a pre-installed rechargeable battery that lasts about 4 weeks between recharges.


  • MedFolio Wireless Pillbox
  • Carry Case
  • USB Cable
  • AC Adaptor

Note: If a caregiver/loved one is monitoring real-time medication adherence, the device needs to be plugged into a power source for wireless communication to occur between the device and MedFolio’s cloud server.

Medication Self-Management Devices

Pillboxes have been on the market for generations. A multitude of different pillboxes exist today at the consumer level and can be purchased at local pharmacies and drug stores. These pill boxes come in the form of weekly once-a-day dosing systems, weekly four-times-a-day dosing systems, travel storage systems, all-in-one combinations that includes a pill box, pill crusher, pill splitter, and a drinking cup, and systems that include reminder alarms.

The main competitive advantage of the MedFolio device is that it is a product that was designed by a pharmacist who has effectively worked with patients who have medication compliance issues. It is also a device that was inspired by a pharmacist-patient relationship so it provides a solution to the medication compliance problems that plague our healthcare society today.

  • Size: 14.4(L) x 7(W) x 2.3(H) inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista Professional, Mac-OS.

System Requirements:

  • To receive electronic messaging reminders, software will require access to standard internet connection upon initial installation.
  • To monitor real-time medication adherence, secure WiFi connection or personal mobile hotspot required.