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Linear DXS Supervised Photoelectric Smoke Detector Transmitter

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Features DXS Wireless Technology

When smoke is detected, the DXS-73 Supervised Photoelectric Smoke Detector Transmitter sounds a loud local alarm. Twenty seconds after the local alarm sounds, the built-in DXS transmitter sends a digitally coded signal to a security receiver or security control panel, alerting you of a possible fire. The wireless signal is repeated every 20 seconds as long as smoke is still present.

The photoelectric smoke alarm includes a built-in transmitter designed for use with Linear’s DXS and DX format receivers. The DXS can send three different signals: alarm, low battery and status. The DX code format features more than one million possible codes. Each transmitter is precoded at the factory to a unique code so no field coding is required.

The unit is powered by a 3-volt lithium battery. The battery is supplied with the transmitter and can power the unit for up to five years. During normal operation, the green status indicator blinks every 10 seconds. If the battery voltage drops below a preset level the alarm will sound low battery beeps, the red indicator will blink every 45 seconds, and a low battery signal will be sent to the receiver with status reports.

  • Forward-scattering photoelectric-type detector
  • Alarm, status and low battery transmissions
  • One 3-volt lithium battery supplied
  • Built-in 85 dBA sounder
  • UL, CSFM listed
  • DXS format
  • RF frequency: 315 MHz
  • 5.375" W x 5.375" H x 2.25" D

Note: DXS designates fully supervised models of the DX transmitters and receivers. DXS products send status transmissions once each hour, allowing full supervision of the RF link. DXS format receivers can monitor status signals, DX format receivers cannot.

Linear DXS Wireless Transmitters

DXS wireless transmitters and receivers are Linear’s fully supervised systems with up to 1,500 feet of range. A step up from the Linear DX models, these performance-enhanced products feature optimized pulse position based RF transmission technology. Available 1, 2, 4 and 8 channels, the receivers support up to 32 quick-learn transmitters. DXS supports over one million unique transmitter codes.

Models compatible with the DXS-73

  • DUAL-824: 24-Channel, 8-Loop Supervised Wireless/Hardwire Security Panel
  • DVS-1200: 12-Channel Supervised Wireless Security Console
  • DVS-2400: 24-Channel Supervised Wireless Security Console
  • DXR-702: 2-Channel Receiver
  • DXSR-1504: Supervised 4-Channel Receiver
  • DXSR-1508: Supervised 8-Channel Receiver
  • PERS-4200: Personal Emergency Reporting System
  • PERS-2400B: Personal Emergency Reporting System
  • PERS-3600B: Personal Emergency Reporting System

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