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Leviton 12-Port Structured Media Panel

SKU: LV4760312P

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Voice, Data & Video Distribution

Leviton’s 12-Port Structured Media Panel combines a Telephone Line Distribution Module and two Cat5e Voice and Data Boards in a dedicated bracket. This offers your connected home a multi-line system and expanded home networking.

  • Provides two to four lines of service to up to 19 connections.
  • Distribute "Line 1" service to up to 12 different connections; distribute four-line service to up to eight different connections.
  • Route voice and data services to up to 12 remote locations via Cat5e Voice and Data modules.
  • Link with other distribution panels or modules to expand the system.
  • Fits into any Leviton Structured Media enclosure or used as a stand-alone unit.

Leviton’s pre-configured panels combine the most popular voice, data and radio frequency modules to create an economical, one stop home media distribution point. Some modules are available in expansion styles to fill unused panel slots. Choose the pre-configured combination that best meets your needs and then enhance it with expansion boards or stand alone modules.

Pre-configured panel includes:

  • Cat 5e Voice Data Module: 2
  • Telephone Line Distribution Module: 1
  • 8-Conductor Flat telephone patch cords: 12
  • Mounting Bracket

Leviton Connected Home

The Connected Home is a requirement of modern living. Access to music, movies, entertainment, and information has never been easier, and a Leviton Connected Home system makes it possible to make the most of that access – individually or as a group – while being sure to safeguard access and maximize bandwidth performance. Leviton Connected Home solutions equip both single family homes and multifamily dwellings with enterprise-grade connectivity networks to provide the technologically-integrated homes that today’s consumers expect, and that only a wired connection can ensure.


  • Cat5e Voice Data Module: 2
  • Telephone Line Distribution Module: 1
  • Standards and Certifications: CULUS/FCC/TIA/EIA
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited

Design Considerations

  • Determine outlet locations and carefully plan cable routing to ensure the selected panel satisfies requirements.
  • Isolated RJ-45 jack and punchdown security interface.
  • Modular RJ-45 jack and 4-pair 110-type IDC punchdowns.
  • Use provided 8P8C patch cord to link the Telephone Line Distribution Module to media distribution boards. Use high-speed UTP cable to route data, phone, fax or modem signals.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Telephone Line Distribution: 19 8P8C 2-4-Line Dist, 1 Test, 1 Aux, 1 110-IDC
  • Cat5e Voice Data: 12 Cat5e ports and 12 110-IDC Conn.

Material Specifications

  • Bracket: ABS plastic, white.
  • Telephone Line Distribution Module: Printed circuit board with 19 8P8C jacks for 2- or 4-line distribution, one test port, one auxiliary disconnect port, one 110-IDC, and an optional security system punchdown.
  • Category 5e Voice and Data Boards (2): Printed circuit boards with six Category 5e ports and six 110-IDCs.


  • Bracket: 6.13"H x .13.30"W x 2.01"D
  • Telephone Line Distribution Module: 5.8"H x 3.5"W x .063"D
  • Category 5e Voice and Data Board: 2.24"H x 6.57"W x 1.96"D