Keen Home Smart Bridge


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Connect and Control Your Keen Zoning System

Control and manage your Keen Zoning System with the Keen Home Smart Bridge. This device connects Keen Home Zigbee Smart Vents and Keen Home Temp Sensors to each other (both sold separately). It also connects smart vent system devices to the Internet, which will allow you to use the free Keen Home app (iOS or Android) to set custom temperatures for individual rooms, manually control airflow levels, and control compatible smart thermostats. The Keen Home Smart Bridge also works as a Zigbee wireless signal repeater for large homes or properties with multiple floors.

  • Connects Keen Home devices (Smart Vents & Temp Sensors) to each other, the Internet, and a smartphone
  • Allows complete control of the Keen Zoning System using a smartphone with cloud integration
  • Can work as a Zigbee wireless repeater
  • Compact design and easy installation
  • Free Keen Home app (iOS or Android)

Installation Details

A high speed Internet connection is required and you must install the Keen Home mobile app onto your smartphone before the initial setup. The Keen Home Smart Bridge connects to your WiFi router with an Ethernet cable. To ensure a strong connection between the Smart Bridge and your Keen Home Smart Vent System, make sure the front of the bridge is facing towards all of Smart Vents that are within its range. It's also recommended to install the Smart Bridge two to three feet above the ground for maximum reception. Once the Smart Bridge is installed, follow the in-app instructions to activate it.


  • Keen Home Smart Bridge
  • Power Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Manual


  • Requires a high speed Internet connection and mobile device running iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.4+.
  • Keen Home recommends adding at least one additional Smart Bridge to boost wireless performance or one extra Smart Bridge for every floor (including the first floor).
  • Avoid putting the Smart Bridge in a cabinet or near a bunch of other wireless gear, as that will decrease performance.

Perfect Room Temperature with Keen Home

Keen Home is making homes smarter, more comfortable, and energy efficient with their smart ventilation devices, designed to provide the perfect temperature in each individual room. This is made possible with the Keen Zoning System, consisting of Keen Home Smart Vents, Temp Sensors, and Smart Bridges. Together, the Keen Home Smart Vent System provides room-by-room HVAC zone control, which means you'll be able to control the temperature in every room of your home within the Keen Zoning System. Plus, you'll be able to easily manage your Keen Home Smart Vent System over the Internet with a smartphone using the Keen Home app. Set custom temperatures for individual rooms, manually control airflow levels, and control compatible smart thermostats, all from the palm of your hand.


  • Manufacturer Part #: KH-SB
  • Connectivity: Zigbee
  • Mobile App: iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.4+
  • Power: Power Adapter
  • Integrations: Nest, Ecobee
  • Repeater Functionality: Power only required
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Keen Home App

Control your Keen Home Zoning System with the Keen Home App for iOS and Android. The Keen Home App allows you to adjust temperatures for your whole home or individual rooms and schedule when to use the Smart Vents.

The Keen Home app requires a mobile device running iOS 8.0 or Android 4.4 or later.

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