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HomeSeer HomeTroller S6 PRO Home Automation Controller

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Win7-Based Smart Home Hub

The HomeSeer HomeTroller S6 PRO Home Automation Controller is a software-based home automation hub that allows you to control your home from your computer, or even over the Internet.

Unlike HomeSeer's previous Linux-based SEL HomeTrollers, the S6 features a streamlined embedded version of Windows 7 Pro, making this model easier to use for the average homeowner. The S6 also offers twice as many USB ports as the SEL controller, as well as two serial ports. Finally, the S6 is housed in a rugged, all-metal case that can be wall-mounted or placed on a tabletop with the included accessories.

  • Control your home over the Internet with no monthly fees
  • Compatible with Z-Wave, UPB, X10 and more
  • Voice control and voice programming
  • Mobile access via free Apple and Android apps
  • Fan-less, disk-less operation with no moving parts
  • Includes all HomeSeer branded plug-ins for FREE

The HomeTroller gives you comprehensive, versatile control of lighting, appliances, security, HVAC, and infrared (IR) devices, such as home theater equipment. It supports devices from many Z-Wave manufacturers, including (but not limited to) Aeon Labs, RCS, GE, Leviton, Linear, Honeywell, Everspring, Evolve, Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Yale, Cooper, Fibaro, and FortrezZ. The controller is also compatible with X10 and UPB lighting controls, Global Cache iTach devices, and more.

HomeTroller-S6-PRO Features

The S6-PRO unit is equipped with full HS3PRO software and the unlimited version of the HSTouch graphical user interface (GUI) for use with touchscreens, smart phones, tablets and other devices. This full HSTouch version includes a powerful designer that allows you to fully customize your GUI. You can use your own backgrounds, buttons and graphics to design the interface you want.

HS3PRO (New) vs Older HS Software

Automation Functions:

  • New event timers and counters: Use timers and counters within any event.
  • New multi-device grouping feature: Group devices for multi-device products.
  • Multiple Z-Wave networks are supported
  • Multiple instances of plug-ins now supported

User Interface:

  • New event creation system: Events are easier to create and edit.
  • New group conditions and actions: Alter the behavior of many events at once.
  • Drag/drop event elements: Drag event actions and conditions up or down the list.
  • Device management page updates in realtime: No longer requires a "refresh".
  • New device status view: Create your own graphical layout of devices.
  • New device image feature: Assign images to devices.
  • Cascading menu navigation: All major functions may be accessed via drop down, cascading menus.

Control Your Home Wherever You Are!

The controller can be accessed from any web-enabled device, including laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc. Easily change schedules and troubleshoot issues whenever you like. This is an excellent solution for people on the go, vacationers, and/or second-home owners.

Packed with Programming Features

Text-To-Speech: The controller's text-to-speech technology creates a digital human voice to provide audible reminders, alerts and announcements. Listen to your system announce incoming phone calls, motion at the front door, news, weather, medicine schedules, appointments and more. Voice alerts can also be sent to any computer on your home network or the internet. The unit offers one of the most natural, easy-to-understand digital voices available today.

Voice Recognition/Voice Control: Any computer on your home network or on the internet (WAN) can be used to control your system with voice commands. Voice commands may also be issued by telephone using HomeSeer Phone software (sold separately).

Trigger event actions based on any of the following:

  • Conditions (many)
  • Status change of any device
  • Absolute time
  • Sunrise/sunset (with offset)
  • By email received
  • Security panel events
  • By matched infrared
  • Recurring at regular second/minute intervals
  • I/O events from controllers
  • Events from plug-ins

In response to event triggers, these actions (and more) may be performed:

  • Send lighting control signals (operate devices)
  • Play sounds or speak using text-to-speech
  • Send email
  • Run a script
  • Trigger another event
  • Dial a network connection
  • Media Player functions
  • Plug-in functions
  • Web Camera functions
  • Phone functions such as dialing a phone number or extension phone

Quality Software Design and Protection

The embedded operating system is locked (write-protected) to prevent unwanted changes and to guard against file corruption from virus, spyware and malware attacks. An open Application Program Interface (API) is included for programmers to add support for just about any custom or proprietary systems that may be required.

HSProtect technology prevents unwanted writes to your operating system during normal operation. With HSProtect, it's virtually impossible to corrupt any files on the C drive. The HomeTroller system is monitored using a system tray application. Current status of your system may be checked by hovering your mouse over the HSProtect system tray icon.

HSSentry acts as a hardware watchdog that is reset from within the HomeSeer scheduler. If the scheduler stops running for any reason, HSSentry will reset the unit. This results in nearly 100 percent uptime for the unit.

Fully Customizable for Complete Control

HomeTroller is designed for easy installation and configuration by any homeowner. The unit features an easy-to-use, menu-driven interface for setup and configuration.

The user interface is web-based and customizable using cascading style sheets (CSS) commands. The included software API allows for the creation of custom software "plug-ins" using the .NET development environment. These plug-ins provide additional support for custom hardware and software. The system also includes a powerful scripting interface that supports popular scripting languages such as VBScript, VB.NET, JavaScript, Python and Perl. Scripts provide a quick way to add custom functionality using complex if-then-else logic, or for sending binary or ASCII text to a serial port. The user interface and custom interfaces are built or modified using simple web (HTML) technologies.

Add-Ons: Software add-ons are referred to as "plug-ins". They enhance the operation of the HomeTroller by adding functionality such as integration with a security panel, infrared controller, or media player application like MS Windows Media Player or Apple's iTunes media player.


  • HomeTroller-S6 Controller with HS3PRO
  • HS3Touch Designer
  • All HomeSeer Branded Software Drivers (plug-ins)
  • Mounting Feet
  • Wall Mount Bracket
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Universal Power Adapter
  • Power Cord (with US plug)

Note: Requires an Internet connection and a compatible Z-Wave interface to support Z-Wave device inclusion/exclusion. Only Internet and Z-Wave capabilities are initially supported. Additional plug-ins (as well as hardware) are required to support other protocols, such as UPB, X10, etc.

Home Automation For Your Life And Family

HomeSeer can be used to monitor and control lighting, appliances, climate, security, telephones, irrigation, window shades and home entertainment equipment. Then mix and match any combination of interfaces you like to suit the needs of your family. Control the system with your choice of in-wall button controllers, touchscreens, wireless remotes, microphones, PDAs, PocketPCs, telephones (voice and touch-tone control) and personal computers.

All HomeSeer home automation systems are web-enabled to allow access to your home while you're away at work or on vacation. Easily keep tabs on your home and family using any web browser from anywhere. Receive emails or calls when things happen at home or people come and go.

Now, with HomeSeer home automation, you can finally have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is safe and secure and your home is operating at peak efficiency!

  • Manufacturer Part #: HT-S6-PRO
  • Embedded Control Software: HS3PRO
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Embedded
  • Mechanical: Fan-less, diskless design
  • Processor (CPU): 1.8 GHz Dual-Core Celeron
  • Memory: 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage: 32 GB SSD
  • Ports: (2) RS232, (6) USB, Mic in/Line out, (2) 10/100/1000 LAN, DVI, HDMI
  • Power Consumption: Less than 15 watts (nominal)
  • Dimensions: 8.0(W) x 6.5(H) x 1.5(D) inches
  • Power Supply: Universal 120-240V, 50/60Hz (US plug)
  • Certifications: UL, CE, RoHS

HomeSeer Smartphone App

HS3Touch is HomeSeer’s official free mobile app for use with all HomeSeer home automation systems. HS3Touch provides quick and easy remote access using HomeSeer’s free MyHomeSeer-Remote cloud-based remote access service. An optional software tool (HSTouch Designer) allows the mobile app to be fully customized with your choice of backgrounds, buttons, graphics and other design elements.

Note: Do not update to this app if you are using HS2, stay on the app you have.

Download this app directly from the App Store. Click below.