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Leviton Hi-Fi 2 8 Zones, 8 Sources Kit in Enclosure

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Revolutionary Distributed Audio System

The Hi-Fi 2 is Leviton’s all new distributed audio system. With more zones, more power, more sources and a new keypad with OLED display, Hi-Fi 2 is reinvented for today’s demanding homeowners. The powerful yet compact Hi-Fi 2 plays music from devices you already own and is so easy to operate, anyone can enjoy it.

  • 8 source, 8 zone system with all 8 zones amplified (Hi-Fi 2 Expansion adds 8 more zones, 16 total)
  • Built-in universal power supply
  • Super efficient digital amplification with
  • 50 watts per zone
  • VSC features a keypad interface with graphical display
  • Equipped with both serial and Ethernet ports for control


  • Hi-Fi Main Board Assembly in an Enclosure.
  • 8 OLED Volume-Source Controls (VSC)
  • 4 Remote Input Modules (RIM)
  • Remote control
  • A cable for an Omni home control system or Lumina Lighting Control System

State-Of-The-Art Amplifier

The amplifier utilizes state-of-the-art digital technology. Power output is up substantially to 25 watts per channel at 8 ohms (50 watts per zone). The 8 ohm rating allows more power delivery to speakers over longer wire runs. Variable line out amplification outputs are available for zones 1 and 8 (this is in addition to the built-in amps) as well as page/mute and system on jacks. This is the most compact 8x8 (expandable to 8x16) system on the market today.

Volume Source Control (VSC)

The Volume Source Control (VSC) features a keypad interface. The single gang Decora-style unit with 4 buttons adjusts volume and controls power and source. The VSC allows you to view metadata feedback (album, artist, and track) and allows for basic transport controls (play, pause, next track, and previous track) for supported sources. A white OLED display shows the source name, a volume bar chart, bass, treble, balance and other settings. Routed IR repeater function allows use of source equipment remote controls. A small hand-held IR remote provides control of the Hi-Fi 2 from the comfort of an armchair.

The VSC connects to the amp with a single Cat 5. 8 VSC’s come with the Hi-Fi 2, and up to 8 more may be added for a total of 16 zones.

Remote Input Modules (RIM)

Hi-Fi 2 has 8 source inputs, which can either be local at the Hi-Fi 2 amplifier or remote using a RIM connected to Cat5. 4 RIM come with the Hi-Fi 2 amplifiers for the most popular remote inputs (home theater, kitchen TV, iPod dock, den entertainment center). More RIMs are available separately. The 8 local inputs on the amplifier board are for use with a broadcast, Internet, satellite radio tuners, and other sources.

Remote Control

Hi-Fi 2 includes a basic remote that allows you to change sources and volume in the room that you are in. Since each VSC unit has IR pass-through, you may also use your audio source’s remote control by pointing it at the Volume-Source Control (VSC) unit. If you are using a programmable remote, Hi-Fi 2 commands can be "learned" into the remote.

Intelligent Automation Simplified

Previously known as HAI (Home Automation, Inc.), Leviton Security & Automation creates integrated automation and security solutions for residential and commercial use. As a leader in home automation, Leviton Security & Automation offers a complete line of award-winning automation products, connecting all devices – from programmable communicating thermostats, smart light switches and distributed audio systems to video surveillance equipment and access control products – through touchscreen interfaces with VoIP and software that allows access and control of an automation system over the Internet or a smart phone.

Integrating With A Leviton Security & Automation System

Hi-Fi 2 is available as a standalone Multi-Room Audio system, or can plug and play with a Leviton Security & Automation systems or Lumina lighting systems. The control system can select the source and set the volume for each zone to coordinate the audio system with your activities:

  • Wake up every morning with the news radio station.
  • Set every room to the iPod and preset the volumes for a party.
  • When arriving home have the den zone turn on using the satellite radio as its source.
  • Turn the entire system off when leaving the house.
  • Mute bedroom and outdoor zones when it’s bedtime.

Use any of Leviton Security & Automation user interfaces to control Hi-Fi 2, including Touchscreens, consoles, keypads and software like Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone.

Leviton Smartphone App

Leviton has developed a stand-alone iOS app for controlling the Hi-Fi 2 4x4 distributed audio system from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Compatible distributed audio systems include the Hi-Fi 2 4x4 (Four Zone, Four Source) and the Hi-Fi 2 8x8 (Eight Zone, Eight Source, expandable to 16 Zone, 8 Source). The app replicates the familiar Volume Source Control, the Hi-Fi 2's in-wall control, and uses the same multi-push functionality for advanced audio settings.

Download this app directly from the App Store. Click below.