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Cool Components Advanced LT Temperature Controller, v2


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Version 2 Features Built-In Alarm & Three Setpoint Modes

Automatically control any Cool Components low voltage device according to component temperatures by connecting the Cool Components Advanced LT Temperature Controller, Version 2. As an advanced edition of the original model, this polarity-protected controller features three different setpoints (one additional), as well as a built-in alarm.

  • Automatic On/Off and variable fan speed control
  • Three setpoint modes for various applications
  • Alarm sounds at fixed 115F/41C setpoint
  • Mounting flanges make installation easy

The Advanced LT Temperature Controller provides automated on/off control and variable fan speed control for Cool Components fans. If your cabinet, enclosure, etc. gets too hot or too cold for the housed equipment, the controller can activate/deactivate the fan and adjust its speed. Fan activation and speed are determined by your chosen temperature setpoints.

Temperature Setpoint Modes:

  • Mode 1 – On at 80F, Off at 77F (for equipment room/closet)
  • Mode 2 – On at 90F, Off at 87F (for large cabinet or rack)
  • Mode 3 – On at 100F, Off at 97F (for small cabinet or rack)

For each Mode, the fan will turn on at 50 percent speed, and then increase in speed in a linear progression until full speed is reached at ~10F above the "On" setpoint. As the system cools down, the fan will slow down and ultimately turn off when the temperature drops ~3F below the "On" setpoint.The alarm is set at a fixed high temperature setpoint of 115F/41C.

Because the temperature sensor is separate from the main controller unit, you can mount the two components together or separate from each other. The sensor can even be extended to support remote equipment applications.

Cool Components Ventilation Products

Ventilation products help protect entire systems by dispersing the accumulation of heat generated by systems as a whole. Cooling products should be used within the system to cool and protect individual components. By using both Cooling and Ventilation Products, systems are fully protected from the heat generated by and accumulated by components.


  • Manufacturer Part #: TC-ALTv2
  • Dimensions: 3(W) x 1-3/8(D) x 3/4(H) inches (76 x 35 x 19mm)
  • Compatibility: All Cool Components Low Voltage Products
  • Construction: Black ABS Plastic

Power Specifications

  • Connection: 2-Pin FastWire Power System (Ensure proper polarity – Tip to +)
  • Voltage: 12 V DC (Must operate at 12V)
  • Current: Output Rated at 2 Amps (Max)