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ZANE 2-Wire Low-Voltage AC Dimmer

Item # ZIAC4x

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Packed With Features For Incandescent Lighting

With the ZANE Two-Wire, Low-Voltage AC Dimmer, you can blend safe-to-the-touch 12 or 24 VAC with the superior illumination qualities of low-voltage incandescent lighting in new and innovative ways. Energy efficient. Halogen compatible, and now optimized for AC-rated LED modules as well.

First of all, this ZANE AC Dimmer installs on the low-voltage side of a magnetic step-down transformer for easy system design, fast installation, individual control of fixtures, and affordable price.

Plus, the same two-wire hookup as a toggle switch allows installation into a standard outlet box in about five minutes. There is never a grounding or bypass wire to connect, or special components to match. An existing toggle switch can even be directly replaced with zero wiring system modification.

An innovative "pi" trigger circuit delivers flicker-free, wide-band dimming performance -- from warm glow through full-spectrum halogen or LED brightness. Triac-based power circuitry coupled by a low-firing point diac further minimizes waste heat and maximizes efficiency and brightness.

A quality machined aluminum knob adds elegance and value to the installation. Rotary action is crisp and smooth, while a tactile off position reduces power drain to zero when inactive. An improved response curve allows better control over the important low brightness range. Bugs are not attracted at low settings.

You can even optimize minimum brightness "on the fly" via an included adjustment potentiometer to compensate for low or high AC source voltage, or to create some special effect. Soft start/end extend the life of expensive bulbs.

A heavy RF noise filter delivering about 10 times the suppression of an ordinary filter attenuates interference with nearby radios and other electronic appliances to the nil-to-none range.

Each Dimmer comes complete and ready-to-install with wiring harness, tagged leads, and detailed installation instructions. The standard switch plate is metal (ivory).

Available Configurations

  • 10 Amp / 12 Volt (Single gang outlet box)
  • 10 Amp / 24 Volt (Single gang outlet box)
  • 20 Amp / 12 Volt (Double gang outlet box)
  • 20 Amp / 24 Volt (Double gang outlet box)

Low-Voltage Power Systems

ZANE International Inc, a clean technology company, designs and manufacturers low-voltage power systems for consumer, industrial, and government markets. ZANE’s proprietary technology converts raw electrical power into more useful forms of energy to power lights, motors, heating elements, and electronics. Primary applications are found in recreational and commercial vehicles, boats, energy-efficient homes, and traffic control. Traditional American quality.

  • Installs on the low voltage side of a magnetic step-down transformer for easy design, fast installation and individual control
  • Two-wire hookup: No grounding wire, bypass wire, component matching — ever
  • Wide-band brightness performance — from warm glow through high intensity incandescent or LED
  • Rotary adjustment with tactile on/off. Soft start/end extend bulb life
  • Heavy filtering minimizes RF noise 12 and 24 VAC, 10A (125/250W) and 20A (250/500 W) versions available


  • Yard:Optimize illumination for pool, patio, spa, pathway, pond, fountain, security. Bugs are not attracted at low settings
  • Architectural and Landscape:Heighten dramatic effect and improve balance for spot, wash, flood. "Moon Garden" applications. Hard-to-replace bulbs last significantly longer
  • Interior:"Presentation" lighting, night lighting, stage lighting
  • Mobile:Variable setting for RV and marine interior and exterior

Technical Details

  • Mode of Operation Triac-based with pi-configured trigger circuit, low-firing-point diac and heavy RF filter
  • Supply Voltage, Breaker 12 VAC or 24 VAC (nominal). Each lighting circuit should be individually fused or breakered for maximum safety
  • Dimming Range From about 10% min (factory setting) through about 90% max. Can be manually set for about 5% min
  • Ambient Temperature Range - 40 F (- 40 C) to 115 F (46 C) with restrictions noted
  • Installation Procedure Installs directly into a standard 1-gang outlet box with provided plate screws
  • AC-AC Conversion Efficiency About 85% at full rated load
  • Lead Wires Should be connected as per color coded lead wiring (as shown in installation instructions) for best RF noise suppression
  • Transient Protection Pi trigger circuit acts as spike filter for additional protection against transient voltages
  • Size About 1.8" (45 mm) by 1.3" (33 mm) by 1.7" (43 mm) high (excluding knob)
  • Weight About 6 oz (168 gm) for 10A version; about 8 oz (225 gm) for 20A version
  • Load Types Resistive loads (incandescent, heating elements, etc) and AC-rated LED modules Not suitable for motors
  • Line Regulation Directly proportional to AC line voltage
  • Load Regulation Generally less than 3% from minimum load to maximum load at any setting
  • Voltage Drift Nil with steady input voltage
  • Maximum Load Normal is 70-80 percent of rated current, though usable up to point 10A/20A user-installed fuse opens
  • Minimum Load 1A (12W) or slight flickering may occur
  • Service Life of on/off Switch About 50,000 cycles
  • Heat Dissipation The metallic wall plate serves as an external heat dissipater and should remain out of direct sunlight and unobstructed by thermal insulating material, etc for maximum service life of unit. Temperature rise under maximum load is about 40 F (22 C) above ambient (could become hot to touch under unusual conditions)
  • Accessories Included Color coordinated switch plate mounting screws, tagged leads and detailed installation instructions
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