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WGL X10 RF Whole House Transceiver Module

Item # WG30020
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Usually ships within 4-7 business days


Usually ships within 4-7 business days

Product Features

  • Receives all 256 house/unit code addresses
  • Optional external antenna package for extended range
  • Custom house and unit code filtering via configuration program
  • Filtering settings are not lost during power loss
  • Volltage 7 – 12v DC 120v AC to 9v DC, 60hz wall mounted supply included
  • Receiver Frequency 310mhz Receiver Range
  • House/Unit Codes and Supported Commands: All 256 addresses, basic commands (On, Off, Bright, Dim, All Lights On, All Off)
  • Connections Power 3.5 mm plug (center +)
  • RS-232 for connection with PC to configure house code/unit code filtering (cable included) DB9 female DTE pinout TD, RD and SG
  • Power Line Interface XPPSC05 not included (cable included) RJ11
  • Antenna (V572A version only) male F connector

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I think it is fine

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I only needed the device for turning on the outside lights in the garage and the house. THe other product that I had did not do the trick, whereas this one works all my lighting units.

This REALLY WORKS !! No Missed Signals


Now thanks to this device, all of the signals I send by remote device are recieved now by all of my remote devices. No more missed operations. Great thing too as stated is that I can choose which exact letter codes and unit numbers I want received and sent thru my system. A great feature if you have neighbors that are rudely, lol using the same house code, you can lock them out because now your system will be receiving many wireless transmissions that you previously didn't because the antenna will give you super receiving range. The old way, using one transceiver per house code will seem archaic. You'll find that the problem with your system not receiving your commands wasn't your transmitter's (motion sensor) or hand held remotes fault, it was the recsiving end. I can send and receive a signal now over 100 feet using this and a hand held remote. Before I couldn't receive the same signal 25 feet. I've had this running for over 9 years and never a problem.