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RG6 Coax Cable with Carrier Wire, 500'

Item # WRRG605MES

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18 AWG RG6/U 3 GHz Coaxial Cable

The RG6/U Bulk Bare Copper Cable with messenger is 3 GHZ, 18 AWG BC / 60% Braid. It features a PVC jacket and Skin Foam PE insulate. The messenger is 17 AWG, copper clad steel. It comes in lengths of 500 Ft. with a dielectric strength of 1 and an impedence (±3.0 ohms) of 75.

It All Starts With The Wire!

If you want to enjoy the wonders that technology can bring to your home today and in the future, let me tell you... IT ALL STARTS WITH THE WIRE. A small expenditure today, while your home is being built, will insure that you can have multimedia excitement delivered to every room in your home. Avoid more costly and messy retrofitting on later on, put Multi Mode Bundled Cable inside your walls while you are building. Even if you don’t use all of the capability of this cable you can leave it unfinished inside the walls until such time as you upgrade your home’s technology level later on. Can you imagine tearing open the walls to do this? It will add value to your home. Multi-mode cabling gives you the flexibility to meet the demands of the future.


  • Center Conductor: Bare Copper
    • AWG: 18
    • Dia: 1.02
  • Insulate: Skin Foam PE
    • Nom. Thickness(mm): 1.78
    • Insulation Dia.(±0.08mm): 4.57
    • Al-maylar Shield (overlapping,%): >=25
  • Braid Shield: Aluminum Wire
    • Construction(mm): 16/5/0.12
    • Coverage Area(%): >=60
  • Jacket: PVC
    • Nom. Thickness(mm): 0.8
    • Min. Thickness(mm): 0.55
    • Cable Dia.(mm): 6.91
  • Messenger: Copper Clad Steel
    • Awg: 17
    • Dia: 1.15

Electrical Characteristics

  • Dielectric Strength (kV/min): 1
  • Impedence (±3.0ohms): 75
  • SRL (dB,5~1000MHz): >=20
  • Capacitance (pF/m): 53.1
  • Conductor DCR@ 20oC (ohms/km): <=21.2
  • DC Loop Resistance@ 20oC (ohms/km): <=41.8
  • Velocity Of Propagation (%): >=82

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Test Object: Jacket
  • Test Material: PVC
    • Before Tensile strength (Mpa): >=1.034
    • Aging Elongation (%): >=200
  • Aging Condition (°C hrs): 113.0+_1.0_168
    • After Tensile strength (Mpa): >=85% unaged
    • Aging Elongation (%): >=50% unaged
  • Cold Bend (-20±2oC_4hrs): No crack
  • Jacket impact test (-15°C): No crack
  • Jacket Longitudinal Shrinkage (%): <=5
  • Center Conductor Break Strength (N): >=641
  • Center Conductor Bond To dielectric (N): >=2.3