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Presto Computerless e-Mail Printing Mailbox


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Emails, Photos & More Without A Computer

Are you missing out on communication from loved ones because you don’t use a computer or the Internet? The Presto Printing Mailbox is your solution. By using Presto in your home, you make it easy for your whole family to send you emails, digital photos, documents, and more. You don't need a computer or Internet service, just the Presto Mail service and Printing Mailbox. The Printing Mailbox receives messages from your loved ones and automaticallyprints them out for you to enjoy!

  • No spam or junk mail
  • No checking email – messages are retrieved automatically
  • Receive digital photos and/or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) documents
  • Includes free articles, puzzles and games

With a Presto Printing Mailbox and low monthly service fee, you get a personalized, spam-free email address to share with family and friends. When a loved one sends you an email, Presto automatically retrieves the message and prints it.

All messages are transformed into beautifully formatted, full-color documents with the sender's name and phone number printed at the top. Presto includes more than 30 colorful templates to turn emails and attachments (photos, PDFs, etc.) into greeting cards, calendars, and e-letters.

The Printing Mailbox accepts messages from any email program, webmail, smartphone and many cell phones (depends on carrier and plan)


  • Completely automatic: senders and receivers don't need to learn anything new.
  • Presto Mail is retrieved and printed up to five times a day.
  • Account manager website lets family schedule messages, reminders and to-do lists for future or recurring delivery dates/times in addition to monitoring of connection, ink level, paper, incoming mail and mail delivery.

Client Testimonials

"First of all, the Presto service is fantastic! You have allowed my computer-phobic mother to finally be connected to her entire family. Snail mail just doesn't cut it anymore and she was starting to feel left out of the loop. You have done such a great service for Seniors."
- Shannon F., Texas

"We have opened up the world of email for them, and they can also use it to receive important documents from accountants, financial advisors, etc."
- Terry, New Jersey

"This was a perfect solution for my elderly parents who refused to get connected to the Internet, but were being left out of the email chain the rest of the family enjoyed."
- David M., Missouri

"The Printing Mailbox is the greatest tool that I could have ever given my parents who are 80 and 85 years old."
- Glinda T., Georgia

  • Specially designed & manufactured by HP for seniors
  • Accepts 50 sheets of plain 8-1/2" x 11" paper
  • Uses standard tri-color ink cartridge: HP97 or HP95, available anywhere ink is sold.
  • Comes with an HP 95 ink cartridge and about 20 sheets of paper to get you started right out of the box
  • One year hardware warranty

Presto Mail Subscription: A subscription to the Presto Mail service is required to enable the Presto Printing Mailbox to work: choose either $18.99 per month, or $189.99 per year (less than $15.99 per month) – no contract required, cancel anytime and receive a pro-rated refund for the unused portion). Instructions for sign-up are included in the package.

Presto Newsstand: Presto Newsstand was created in large part to provide the ability for "approved senders" to increase their participation in the overall solution of keeping their senior loved ones happy, engaged, and socially connected to the rest of the family. Categories initially available on the Presto Newsstand include comics, vintage comics, puzzles & games, and news. Future offerings will include financial, health, and special interest articles and columns of all types. Gift subscriptions start at $9.99 per year and vary depending on frequency and title.

Note: The Presto Printing Mailbox does not work with VOIP (digital) phone lines. Ask the phone company whether a standard fax machine can be put on the line. If it can, then a Presto Printing Mailbox can be used with no problems. If not, ask if they can convert the digital line to analog right outside the home. Tell them it’s for a fax machine. This is a viable solution.