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Open Sesame E.C.U. Transmitter


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Accessory For The Open Sesame Remote Controlled Door System

The Open Sesame E.C.U. Transmitter has a 1/8" mini-phone jack on the side surface. It also includes a 1/8" mini phone plug with 30" of cable. This kit is used to allow activation by E.C.U. and custom switches. It is 3" x 1.75" x 0.62".

Note: Momentary contact closure required for activation.

Open Sesame Remote Controlled Door System

Complete Independence
At the touch of a button, the Open Sesame automatic door opener gives complete independence to enter and exit a residential door. This disabled access system unlatches a locked door, then opens, pauses and closes it - all automatically. This remote controlled door opener can be operated with a variety of wheelchair mounted remote controls, wall push pads and other specialty controls customized to accommodate almost any physical disability.

Easy Install - Low Voltage
Most installations take less than 2 hours - far less time and labor than most other door openers. Plus there’s no need to hire an electrician, since the Open Sesame door opener is a safe low voltage device. Just plug in the 24 volt AC adapter to the nearest (within 30 ft) wall outlet, plug in the door opener to the small wall mounted junction box, and you're set.

Top Quality System
The Open Sesame door opener is a highly reliable, complete system – and made in the U.S.A. Open Sesame utilizes the highest quality materials available: permanently lubricated steel gears, steel housing, commercial grade door release hardware. Unlike some flimsy overseas units, there are no plastic parts in the system that could easily break after only months of use.

Battery Back-up Standard
The Open Sesame door operating system provides a great sense of security: in the event of a power outage, these openers still operate at full power use of your door for several hours, allowing easy access when you need it the most. On other manufacturers' units, this important safety feature is either not available or an expensive addition.

Power or Manual Operation
This System offers unique conveniences in operation. A door can be controlled with a remote control door opening device or operated manually. Unlike some other door opening devices the Open Sesame is completely smooth in operation and feel. There is no clicking, friction and/or resistance when opening and closing the door. The door moves freely and can be left open or ajar for pets, repeated passage or for ventilation.

The Open Sesame system incorporates the use of a door release mechanism installed in the door frame. This type of mechanism, called an "electric strike plate", is commonly used in apartment buildings where an intercom system is present, and allows the continued use of all existing keys. There are some exceptions where non-locking door handles are present and existing hardware may need to be replaced.

Remote Control Standard
The Open Sesame door system comes standard with a remote control that can be either hand held or easily mounted on a wheelchair. This high-powered remote device can activate the door system from anywhere in the home, and can be activated with fingers, palm, the side of the hand and more.

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Open Sesame Residential Automatic Door Access Standard Package
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Open Sesame Tash Switch
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