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OnGard Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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Extinguish Dangerous Dryer Fires

OnGuard is an automatic fire suppression device that attaches to any dryer. If the dryer sparks and heats up, OnGuard releases fire repellent right away dousing any flames.

There are over 15,000 clothes dryer fires every year. These result in an average of 10 deaths, 300 injuries, and millions of dollars in property damage.

OnGard is specifically designed to automatically extinguish these dangerous fires before they grow out of control.

OnGard is a unique fire protection device specifically designed to protect against lint fires in dryers. OnGard is universal and can be easily installed in any dryer.

While there are some third-party solutions available to notify of lint buildup in vents, they can be easily ignored by users with the "fix it later" mentality and completely useless once a fire has broken out. With OnGard, dryer fire can be a minor inconvenience instead of a life-changing event.

How it Works:

The unit is mounted to the wall near the dryer and the tubing is fed through an existing opening in the back of the dryer.

In the event of a fire, the flame causes the heat detection tubing to rupture, immediately releasing the patent-pending HEP-1 agent.

The HEP-1 is able to penetrate every area of the enclosed space better than existing dry chemical suppression agents and even flow up the duct to follow the flames.