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Linear MegaCode Block Coded Visor Transmitter

Item # LNMTxB

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Used With Linear’s Access Control Products

The Linear MegaCode Block Coded Visor Transmitters are designed for use with Linear's access control products. The Transmitters are available in 1-Channel and 2-Channel versions.

The 1-channel Transmitter device will send a signal when the button is pushed. The 2-Channel Transmitter will send a channel one signal when the left button is pushed and a channel two signal when the right button is pushed. A visor clip is included.

The transmitters are MegaCode format, which means each transmitter is factory preprogrammed with one of over 1,000,000 codes, virtually eliminating the possibility of code duplication. Because the receiver "learns" each specific code, no unauthorized person can gain access to the system by reprogramming a transmitter.

Block coded transmitters are factory programmed to a sequential series of transmitter ID codes. When used with a Linear access controller, transmitters can be locally or remotely programmed into memory by entering the first and last codes of the block into the system. Facility codes can be selected to further customize the system.

Radio Controls For Every Requirement From Linear

From garage door openers to gate operators, from loading dock doors to access control systems, from everyday entry to high security, Linear makes radio controls to cover the industry's diverse range of applications. Single and multi-channel transmitters and receivers can be mixed and matched within product families to address just about any user need.

Transmitter Features

  • Compatible with all Linear access receivers and controllers
  • Superior transmission range
  • Factory programmed MegaCode format supports over 1,000,000 codes
  • Operate LED
  • Visor clip included
  • 9-volt battery supplied
  • MegaCode format
  • RF frequency: 318 MHz
  • 2.2" W x 3.8" H x 0.9" D

1-Channel Transmitter Specifications:

  • Frequency: 318 MHz
  • Number of Codes: 1,000,000 plus ID codes
  • Code Set Method: Factory programmed
  • Channels: one channel
  • Power: one 9 V battery (supplied)
  • Dimensions: 2.2" W x 3.8" H x 0.9" D (56 x 97 x 23 mm)

2-Channel Transmitter Specifications

  • Frequency: 318 MHz
  • Number of Codes: 1,000,000 plus
  • Code Set Method: Factory programmed
  • Channels: two channels
  • Power: one 9 V battery (supplied)
  • Dimensions: 2.2" W x 3.8" H x 0.9" D (56 x 97 x 23 mm)