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Remote Control Extenders & IR Distribution Systems


ONE: At least one IR receiver to read the signals from your remote control TWO: A terminator unit to control the entire system THREE: As many IR emitters as needed to control you’re A/V components FOUR: A power supply to provide power to the system

IR Diagram

Complete IR Control Systems: Create your own system, or choose from one of the many pre-configured kits. Home Controls offers a collection of Infrared (IR) Remote Controls from Buffalo, ChannelPlus, Channel Vision, SpeakerCraft and many more. If you need help designing your system or can’t find the part to match your specifications, feel free to call our Technical Support Team at 1-800-266-8765 for free product advice!

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SpeakerCraft Smartpath Shelf-Top IR Receiver Kit
Complete Kit: SpeakerCraft's most popular IR kits, great for room to room applications. Everything you need for a complete IR System.
SpeakerCraft Smartpath 2-Piece Surface-Mount Mini IR Receiver
The IR receiver blocks Plasma, CFL, EMI, and ESI noise sources from being passed through to controlled components.
Microsmith Hot Link Pro X12 IR Remote Extender, 12 Emitters
Complete Kit: Provides out-of-sight IR remote control for 12 audio/video components, up to 70 feet.
ChannelPlus Mini IR Receiver with LED
Set-top IR target that connects to a 2100A In-wall IR Interface, with talk back LED
Microsmith Hot Link XL IR Remote Extender, 6 Emitters
Complete Kit: Provides out-of-sight remote control with extended 200-foot range for 6 A/V components.
Buffalo J-Box In-Wall IR Receiver Kit
Complete Kit: IR remote control system for audio, video and home automation equipment. With J-Box In-Wall IR Repeater.
Buffalo Tube-Style IR Receiver Kit
Complete Kit: IR remote control system for audio, video and home automation equipment. With Tube-Style IR Receiver.
SpeakerCraft Smartpath Tube-Style IR Receiver
An IR Receiver designed to mount flush to a cabinet or wall surface with only a circular bezel exposed to the room.
SpeakerCraft Smartpath Mini IR Receiver, Surface Mount
Unique quad 3.5 mm mini-phone type connector for easy plug-in to the Smartpath's terminator block. Features exclusive ambient noise suppression.
Global Caché IR Learner
Global Caché's IR Learner is a must-have tool for every dealer, installer and home automation enthusiast.
SpeakerCraft Smartpath J-Box In-Wall IR Receiver
Exclusive ambient noise suppressing circuitry allows IR receiver to work in a plasma TV/fluorescent light filled environments.
Channel Vision Plasma Proof IR Kit
Complete Kit: Hide your plasma A/V equipment in a cabinet and control it without ever having to open the doors again.
Microsmith Hot Link Pro IR Remote Extender, 6 Emitters
Complete Kit: Provides out-of-sight IR remote control for 6 audio/video components, up to 70 feet.
Channel Vision Audio & IR Control Cat5 Transceiver
Allows distribution of audio and IR signals over the existing cabling in your home.
ChannelPlus J-Box In-Wall IR Receiver with LED
A 12-volt In-wall IR Target with Talk Back LED is a J-box IR target that connects to the 2100A In-wall IR Interface through three wires.
Channel Vision All-In-One IR System
Complete Kit: Easily connect and control Home Theater A/V devices located behind closed cabinet doors.
Global Caché IR Extender
The Global Caché IR Extender extends infrared capability by converting IR signals to digital data, which can then be read from any PC or RS232 serial port...
Channel Vision Coax IR Starter Kit
Complete Kit: Use the IR-4500 starter kit for a 1-room system.
C2G Impact Acoustics IR Repeater Kit
Complete Kit: Repeats infrared signals to remotely control electronic components behind closed doors.
Channel Vision Plasma-Proof J-Box In-Wall IR Receiver
The Plasma-Proof J-Box IR-Receiver receives signals from a hand-held remote control up to 40 ft. away
Global Caché General IR Receiver
The GCRG1 is an IR receiver able to capture IR frequencies from 30kHz to 72kHz, and is intended for use with the GCIRE IR Extender to capture and digitize IR signals...
Channel Vision Remote Head IR Receiver, 2 Piece
The 2-piece design allows the IR sensor to be located where it is visible, while the larger section can be ...
SpeakerCraft Smartpath Amplified IR Connecting Block
Smartpath Amplified Connecting Block provides a convenient means of interconnecting SpeakerCraft infrared products in IR repeating systems.
ChannelPlus In-Wall Power Injector IR Interface
The ChannelPlus 2010 In-wall Power Injector IR Interface wall plate has two functions.
ChannelPlus In-Wall IR Interface
Use with the 12 volt DA-550BID and DA-550HHR distribution panels to allow IR control from any room on the system.
Microsmith Hot Link Hot Tub IR Remote Extender, 1 Emitter
Weatherproof IR repeater system for use in cars, spas, pool houses, boats, RVs and other outdoor environments.
SpeakerCraft Smartpath Shelf-Top IR Receiver
This non-obtrusive receiver can sit in plain view on a cabinet and provide essential broadband IR performance.
SpeakerCraft Regulated Power Supply, 12VDC, 1200mA
High output power supply for Speakercraft's Smartpath IR system. Capable of supporting multiple terminator blocks in large applications.
ChannelPlus IR Breakout Block
Attach the Model 2184 to the amplifier's power connector and up to four IR emitters may be connected directly to the Model 2184.
Buffalo Electronics IR-250 J-Box In-Wall IR Repeater
This beautiful, ultra-thin, high-performance voltage regulated IR Repeater installs easily in any standard electrical box.
Global Caché IR Converter Cable, IR Distribution to GCIRE
Used to connect a Speakercraft or Xantech IR output (any IR emitter port) to the GCIRE IR Extender. Speakercraft and Xantech IR outputs are converted to meet the IR input requirements for...
Channel Vision IR Coax Adapter
The Channel Vision IR Coax Receiver creates an IR System with existing TV Coax Wiring. It features an...
Microsmith Hot Link Eye with Y Kit
Adds a second receiving eye to Hot Link Pro. Control two IR devices in two separate rooms.
Buffalo Electronics IR-350 Tube-Style IR Receiver
Easily hide from sight in a cabinet, equipment rack, loudspeaker, or other convenient location ...
Channel Vision IR Repeater Distribution Module
The Channel Vision C-1201 is a passive IR connecting block that allows up to 8 IR receivers to be connected to a...
Buffalo Electronics IR-100 IR Connecting Block
The IR-100 connecting block from Buffalo Electronics is the centerpiece of the infrared remote control system.
Microsmith Hot Link Emitter Expansion Kit x6
Includes six additional IR emitters to expand the Hot Link Pro or Hot Link XL IR Remote Extender system.
Channel Vision IR Coax Engine with Power Supply
The Channel Vision IR Coax Engine creates an IR system with existing TV coax wiring (8 TV's Max). It...
Microsmith Hot Link Coax Extension Cable
Coaxial cable extension for Hot Link Pro systems. Extends the distance between the eye and repeater by 25 feet.
Channel Vision Amplified IR Hub
Channel Vision's Amplified IR Hub (IR-1203) is a versatile, easy-to-use and cost-effective IR distribution solution. The IR Hub can...
ChannelPlus Dual IR Emitter
he Model 2172 Dual-head IR Emitter connects to a video hub, 2100A and 2010 in-wall interface, or to a 5500 series IR enabled modulator connected to a video hub.
Buffalo Electronics IR-J8 Structured Wiring Box for up to 8 Repeaters
BLOW OUT SALE! The IR-J8 neatly connects up to eight repeaters, from eight different rooms or listing zones, to one or more connecting blocks.
ChannelPlus Single IR Emitter
The Model 2171 Single-head IR Emitter connects to a video hub, 2100A and 2010 in-wall interface, or to a 5500 series IR enabled modulator connected to a video hub.
SpeakerCraft Smartpath Micro Mini IR Emitter
BLOW OUT SALE! The Mini IR Emitter installs inside a component near the IR sensor. Internal installation enhances durability and performance.
SpeakerCraft Smartpath Dual IR Emitter, Without LED
A dual IR emitter (without status LED) for the Speakercraft Smartpath control system.
SpeakerCraft Smartpath Dual IR Emitter, With LED
Visibly flashing red when transmitting a signal, providing trouble shooting technology to ensure you know that a signal was sent.
Buffalo Electronics Premium High Power, High Efficiency 12VDC Regulated 1.0A Power Supply
High-efficiency power supply for IR repeater systems of all sizes, including multi-zone systems.
SpeakerCraft Regulated Power Supply, 12VDC, 200mA
Power supply for Speakercraft's Smartpath IR systems. Capable of supporting multiple emitters and receivers.
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