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DataComm HDTV Adjustable Distribution Amplifier

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DataComm HDTV Adjustable Distribution Amplifier

Eliminates The Need For Screw-On Attenuators

The DataComm Electronics HDTV Adjustable Distribution Amplifier is packed with features to increase overall system performance, reduce unnecessary service calls, and streamline industrial, commercial, and residential installations.

The amplifier is specifically designed for the demands of HDTV Broadcasting Standards (VSB8, QAM64) and meets and/or exceeds cable modem and PPV requirements. It provides instant acknowledgment of cable provider signal strength and eliminates the need for screw-on attenuators to create a more professional image.

With the HDTV Adjustable Distribution Amplifier you can:

  • Instantly acknowledge cable signal strength. LED dBmV level indicator prevents unnecessary and expensive service calls.
  • Independently adjust outputs. Eight (8) adjustable output ports eliminate the need for screw-on attenuators. Clean up your installation and reduce parts inventory.
  • Extend precise signal strength. No more guessing games-extend exact dB gain up to 250 feet per output.
  • Meet tomorrow’s Cable TV demands-today. Amplified 54-1.2 GHz forward bandwidth and amplified 5-42 MHz return path bandwidth and an additional 5 dB gain exceed today’s cable modem and PPV requirements.
  • Protect expensive equipment. The majority of voltage insertion comes from low voltage wiring. Integrated surge protection on all 9 ports protects each device from voltage insertion through cable lines.
  • Multiple Mounting Options.
  • And much, much more!

DataComm Electronics Home Theater Products

DataComm Home Theater products provide all the flexibility installers or experienced do-it-yourselfers need to create sophisticated media environments. DataComm plates mount into a standard NEMA enclosure or on to a low-voltage mounting bracket. Straightforward labeling on each plate simplifies room set up and configuration.

  • Instant Acknowledgment of Cable Provider Signal Strength-Saves Wasted Service Calls!
  • Eliminates the Need for Screw-On Attenuators and Creates a More Professional Image
  • Extends a More Precise Signal Strength Beyond Typical "No-Loss" Distribution Amplifiers
  • Specifically Designed for the Demands of HDTV Broadcasting Standards
  • Meets and/or Exceeds Cable Modem and PPV Requirements
  • Integrated to Eliminate Possible Tuner Damage Due to Extremely High RF Levels
  • Provides Additional Filtering Needed for HDTV Specifications
  • Protects Equipment Against Voltage Insertion


  • dBmV Level Indicator
    • Below to 0 (Yellow)
    • 0 to +15 (Green)
    • +15 to +25 (Red)
  • 8 Adjustable Output Ports Range 0-40 dB
  • Nominal Gain per Output 3 dB+
  • Forward Bandwidth 54-1.2 GHz
  • Return Bandwidth 5-42 MHz @ 5 dB Gain
  • Maximum Output on All 8 Ports +25 dBmV/CH
  • Typical Noise Figure < 4.5 dB
  • Surge Protection on All 8 Ports 6kV/3kA
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