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Camera Accessories

There are many ways to enhance your video surveillance and home security monitoring applications. Whether your application requires a special lens, a pan/tilt motor, monitor or weatherproof enclosure, you can find it here. Home Controls is constantly adding to this category. If you don't see what you are looking for, just call 1-800-266-8765 to speak to a product specialist.

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Arlington CAM-BOX Security Camera Mounting Kit
Install any security camera, detector, or accessory fixture on a suspended or drywall ceiling panel.
Arlington CAM-KIT Security Camera Mounting Kit
Security camera mounting kit fits installs cameras with a base diameter up to 4-1/2 inches and fits any camera hole pattern.
Arlington Grounding Bridge, Zinc
The bridge provides reliable intersystem bonding between power and communication grounding systems.
Arlington Security Camera Mounting Box
Easily mount security cameras or accessories on walls or ceilings.
Arlington Steel CAM-BOX Security Camera Mounting Kit (Steel)
The Arlington Steel CAM-BOX Security Camera Mounting Kit is ideal for use in the installation of most security cameras on...
Arlington Versatile One-Piece Pole Mounted Box
For face down installations of security cameras or electrical accessories on a rigid pole or pipe.
Astrotel Mini Transmitter Video Set
BLOW OUT SALE! Wirelessly transmits video signals to a display more than 700 feet away from the source. Designed for surveillance applications.
Channel Vision 1 Camera Cat5 Passive Video Balun
Provides the necessary impedance transformation to transition from 75 ohm coax to twisted pair cabling. (Great for security cameras.)
Channel Vision Amplified Balun Kit for Audio, Video & PTZ Control
Sends PTZ security camera signals over twisted pair cabling, instead of expensive coax.
Channel Vision Camera Microphone
Add-on camera mic allows you to add audio to any Channel Vision camera.
Channel Vision Cat5 Camera Balun, Video, Audio & Power
Sends video, audio and power over 1,000 feet of twisted pair cabling, instead of expensive coax.
Channel Vision IP Camera Balun Over Coax Converter Kit
Converts analog-based security cameras into IP-based cameras by using the original coax cabling infrastructure.
Channel Vision Regulated Power Supply, 12VDC/400mA
Power adapter used to power a variety of Channel Vision products.
Channel Vision Stand-Alone IR Illuminator
Provides night viewing capabilities for color or black & white CCTV cameras. Waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. The 5040 provides a simple, affordable way to add value to an existing camera installation.
ChannelPlus Low Pass Filter (Channels 2-116)
A ChannelPlus low pass filter is used on systems when broadband entertainment feed is supplied by a CATV service. The filter removes all CATV ...
ChannelPlus Low Pass Filter (Channels 2-64)
The Model MPLPF470 Low-pass Filter is used on systems when broadband entertainment feed is supplied by a CATV service.
ChannelPlus Low Pass Filter (Channels 2-86)
A ChannelPlus low pass filter is used on systems when broadband entertainment feed is supplied by a CATV service. The filter removes all CATV ...
ELK Power Distribution Module, 9 Device
The ELK Products Power Distribution Module conveniently distributes a single A.C. or D.C. input into nine individual outputs, for...
ELK Power Supply, 1.6 A, 12 VDC
General purpose power supply ideal for alarm, access control, and CCTV applications requiring up to 1.5 Amps.
NetMedia In-Wall Single-Gang IR Illuminator
Provides discreet night vision with invisible light for NetMedia Day/Night cameras.
On-Q/Legrand 4-Port LCD Distribution Module for HA5000 Series
The LCD Module allows easy integration with the On-Q camera system. It supports up to four LCD displays and four...
On-Q/Legrand Ball Camera Microphone for the CM5000 Series
Provides audio from the viewing location of any On-Q Ball Camera in the CM500 Series.
On-Q/Legrand Cat5 Based Camera Module, 4-Port
This Cat 5-based camera module supports up to four On-Q cameras and allows on-board sequencing of up to four images.
On-Q/Legrand Cat5 Camera Microphone
The On-Q/Legrand optional microphone provides audio to any Cat5 camera.
On-Q/Legrand Low Pass Filter, 5-750MHz
Blocks incoming channels 117 and up to facilitate internal video or modulation for security cameras or whole house video.
SCP Miniature Passive Video Balun
Transmits full motion video signals over unshielded twister pair cable.
Seco-Larm Enforcer 12VDC Switching CCTV Power Supply, 12A
SECO-LARM's High Amperage DC power supply is a cost-effective way to power multiple cameras, alarm systems or other security devices. The...
Seco-Larm Enforcer 12VDC Switching CCTV Power Supply, 6A
Powers multiple surveillance cameras with individually adjustable 12.6-13.5 VDC outputs. Choose 4, 9, or 18 outputs.
Seco-Larm Enforcer 12VDC/24VAC Combo CCTV Power Supply
Powers multiple surveillance cameras. Includes 8 adjustable 12.0~15.1 VDC outputs and 8 24VAC outputs.
Seco-Larm Enforcer 24VAC CCTV Power Supply
BLOW OUT SALE - Save on 4 Outlet Amp! Centralizes the power sources for multiple AC-powered CCTV cameras and/or CCTV accessories.
Seco-Larm Enforcer 4-Port Data Distributor
Distributes one RS-485 or RS-232 input to four RS-485 outputs. Works with any RS-485 controlled camera.
Seco-Larm Enforcer Active Receiver Hub, 16-Port
Run as many as 16 color or monochrome CCTV cameras up to 5,000 feet over inexpensive Cat5e/6 UTP cable.
Seco-Larm Enforcer CCTV Ground Loop Isolator
Low-cost, flexible solution for CCTV signal lines with ground loops. Reduces interference, crosstalk, etc.
Seco-Larm Enforcer CCTV Power Supply, 24/28VAC with PTC Fuses, Rack Mount
The Seco-Larm Rack Mount Power Supply is 1U and fits into standard 19 Inch equipment racks. It features a field-selectable power output.
Seco-Larm Enforcer DC Jack to Terminal Block
The 2.1mm female DC jack connects to a removable terminal block, simplifying any CCTV installation.
Seco-Larm Enforcer Dome Camera Corner Mounting Bracket
Easy and attractive installation of one camera and one or two IR Illuminators so they work together to brighten up the protected area.
Seco-Larm Enforcer Female DC Jack Power Adapter Cord
The Female DC Jack Power Adapter Cord is the corresponding pigtail jack for the Male DC Plug Adapter Cord.
Seco-Larm Enforcer Male DC Plug Adapter Cord
The Male DC Plug Adapter Cord is the corresponding pigtail jack for the Female DC Jack Power Adapter Cord.
Seco-Larm Enforcer PTZ Speed Dome Ceiling Mounting Bracket
This bracket is used to mount the Seco-Larm PTZ Speed Dome Camera (VD-40BN) to the ceiling.
Seco-Larm Enforcer Power Distribution Board
Individually fused PTC-type outputs power multiple devices with separate fusing for each, increasing reliability.
Seco-Larm Enforcer RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
Connect to standard RS-232 cable or extend the range of security cameras.
Seco-Larm Enforcer Video Distributor, 12VDC/24VAC
The distributor sends a single video signal to multiple video display devices.
Seco-Larm Enforcer Wall-Mount Bracket
Wall-mount bracket for Seco-Larm CCTV cameras: EV-122C-DVB3Q, EV-2706-N3GQ, EV-122C-DVH3Q, EV-2706-N3WQ. Available in Grey or White.
SecurityMan Remote Control Pan Base for Security Cameras
The SecurityMan Pan Base is remote controlled. It includes a two button remote for power and rotation direction and...
SecurityMan Surveillance Warning Signs, English (2 Pack)
The SecurityMan Surveillance Warning Signs are made of weatherproof plastic material. They are easy to install and...
Securitytronix Infrared Remote PTZ Controller
Control up to 255 PTZ cameras with the Securitytronix Infrared Remote PTZ Controller.
Speco Heavy Duty Camera Bracket
Different bracket direction
Ideal for pan and tilt and outdoor housings
Silver or beige cast aluminum
Speco Heavy Duty Camera Housing with Bracket
Weatherproof housing protects indoor cameras for outdoor use. Fits any camera under 4(W) x 12(D) x 3.5(H) inches.
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