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Buffalo Tube-Style IR Receiver Kit

Item # BEIR350KIT

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Complete Kit With Power Supply

The Buffalo Tube-Style IR Receiver Kit includes everything you need for a simple IR remote control system that allows you to effortlessly and reliably control audio, video and home automation equipment from anywhere in your home. Featuring a tube-style receiver, this kit offers exceptional range and performance in a discreet installation.

Kit Includes: IR Connecting Block, Tube-Style IR Receiver, 4 IR Emitters, Power Supply

IR Connecting Block

The IR Connecting Block is the centerpiece of the Buffalo Electronics infrared remote control system. A system wiring connection block is where the power supply, IR repeaters and IR flashers all tie together. The Block’s advanced circuitry adjusts the incoming repeater signal levels and the outgoing flasher output levels for optimum remote control system performance.

  • Exceptional 800-foot repeater run lengths with standard 24 AWG Cat5/5e
  • Noise reduction circuit improves IR data transmission
  • Amplified input allows short and long repeater runs to work exactly the same
  • Signal confirmation LED for troubleshooting
  • 4 output regulated flasher jacks for consistently correct flasher output levels
  • Built-in optional system ground lug for noisy environments

The Connecting Block’s computer designed signal amplification circuitry allows long cable runs to work as well as short cable runs. A repeater 1,000 feet away from the IR-100 will flash the controlled A/V equipment exactly the same as a repeater 10 feet away will.

The Connecting Block’s flasher outputs are regulated to an optimum output level. Flashers will never flood the device under control causing missed commands and they will never reach out far enough to effect another device even if it uses the same IR codes. An advantage of regulated short range flasher output levels is that you can use multiples of the exact same component in multi-zone system designs, in the same equipment rack and experience no IR remote control problems.

Tube-Style IR Repeater

Buffalo Electronics created this state of the art circuit design to assure high reliability and accurate infrared data transmission. The IR-350 offers the convenience of easy terminal block wiring connections and the ability to be easily hidden from sight in a cabinet, equipment rack, loudspeaker, or other convenient location.

Exceptional range and performance, plus talk-back LED, make this IR receiver a favorite among professionals and do-it-yourselfers. With a range up to 40 feet and an acceptance angle greater than 130 degrees, this receiver gives the best value for your money. Includes two lenses: one clear night filter and one dark ruby daytime filter.

IR Emitters

The Buffalo Electronics Infrared Flasher/Emitter has self-sticking adhesive for easy mounting over IR windows of all A/V components. It provides visible confirmation with LED flashes when an infrared signal is present. Each emitter has a 6-foot cord and a standard 1/8" (320 mm) mini plug that is compatible with most existing IR distribution systems.

Power Supply

This cost effective power supply matches most basic small to medium sized infrared (IR) remote control systems, including the Buffalo Electronics IR-100 Connecting Block (included).

Intelligent Minds, Fresh Concepts

Each Buffalo Electronics infrared product was designed by their own engineering department and is a fresh new concept in infrared control. Buffalo Electronics has taken the most popular audio/video control system in use today and updated it to a new level. BEI has created the easiest to use, most reliable, most elegant IR control systems on the market.

In today’s fast paced world, anything that saves time is welcomed. Remote control consumer electronic devices have become indispensable and infrared remote control is the standard. A simple IR remote control system made from the components below will effortlessly and reliably control audio, video, and home automation equipment from anywhere in your home.

Kit Includes

  • 1 x IR Connecting Block (BEIR100)
  • 1 x Tube-Style IR Receiver (BEIR350)
  • 4 x IR Emitters, With LED (BEIRE1)
  • 1 x IR Power Supply (BESPS1210)

Connecting Block

  • Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.25 x 0.875 inches
  • Parallel IR-100’s to control more than 1 equipment stack or for more flashers
  • Easy to create multiple listening zones using multiple IR-100s
  • High quality brand name components for long life
  • Robust, heavy duty build quality
  • Designed with the professional installer in mind

Tube-Style IR Repeater

  • Exceptional 35 to 40-foot range and 130 degree acceptance angle
  • Tube style design is easiest to hide, only the lens is visible when installed
  • Low noise, reliable surface mount technology
  • High quality brand name components for long life
  • Advanced design suppresses noise and yields reliable IR data transmissions
  • Auto gain control for uniform room sensitivity at any wiring distance
  • Terminal block connector easily accepts any wire up to 16 AWG
  • Visible LED for signal confirmation and troubleshooting
  • Installs in standard 1/2-inch hole, clear and dark lenses included
  • Designed with the professional installer in mind

IR Emitters

  • Tiny, elegant stick-on design
  • Easily installs directly over A/V equipment IR window
  • Very small red LED for signal confirmation and troubleshooting
  • High build quality for long life
  • Thin 6-foot long 28AWG plug cord with standard 3.5mm plug
  • Compatible with all standard IR systems
  • Connect up to 4 flashers to each IR-100 connecting block
  • Extra peal-and-stick pad included with each flasher

Power Supply

  • Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Output Regulated: 12VDC @ 1.0A
  • Cord Length: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Power Efficiency: > 90 percent
  • Approvals: UL, CSA and International